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Top visited travel sites in China

Ask these Travel Helpers for information about China.


I can help you order room in hotel, and be a guide for you in beijing if you speak english,lead you to somewhere special and fun,introduce the delicious chinese food.and help buy the ticket of train or plane when you want to leave. At all,i'll do it when something need to do with speaking chinese, because i have spare time,that's it.


Taking your kids. Orienting yourself in a city of 12 million. Finding the sights Whether or not to hire a guide.

angela g.

i was travelling for 3 months in china. our tour: beijing, xian, west sichuan, yunnan and hong kong. feel free to ask, i will try to help.

Aussi Di

I am currently living in Shaoxing city - province of Zhejiang and putting together information for English speaking visitors to this city.


I live in China ,so I can give useful advice.


born and live in China, know local interests and culture very well.


As a former tour guide in China I lived and worked there for ten years. I am fluent in Chinese Putonghua and this is good when you are in the countryside and in small villages far from the urban areas. I lived one year in Beijing and Kunming to study the language, I also lived and worked in Harbin and Qingdao. I've been almost everywhere, from Hainan island to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Nanjing, Tibet, Kunming, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, the tropical region of Sishuangbanna, etc. so I wish to get in touch with other travellers interested in going off the beaten tracks. carlo


plan tour line and manage tour price


I can give advises on travel routes, cheap hotels, places to visit for China especially western China - the Silk Road.


I'm Chinese, travelled parts of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


I'm a local guy who was bron and grow up in Beijing, I do well know about foreign travellers' interested, wanted and what you hated, since I speak very good English, and my family had got lots of help from mass of foreigners, because I have been running travel service with my personal car, for more than 3 years. Remember this is NOT an advertisement, and I really like to help any of information, question from any foreigner travellers, because of my first customer - Michael Schinkel, a Duch guy who triped here 3 years ago. If you have any question, please drop me an email and you'll get my free respons as soon as possible.

China has so many outstanding places to visit  during a vacation that it is difficult to choose among them. We know that your vacation time is both brief and valuable. Our recommendations for the best places to visit will help you find the right place for your vacation in China.
The team at ThereArePlaces has developed a proprietary method for evaluating the attractiveness of towns and regions as tourist destinations. We used this methodology to create our list of the best places to visit in China. We believe that the cities and regions described below are the country’s key tourist destinations, contain China's best attractions and urge you to visit them during your travels in China.
Read our sections on China
Travel Information and China Facts to complete your basic preparation for vacationing in China.

China is a country that feels as if it gives its treasures grudgingly to foreigners.  In part, this is because the country is so large and has  such a long, interesting, and geographically dispersed history.  You really need to research your destinations to ensure that you see the side of China that interests you.

China is justifiably proud of it modern cities and economic power: however, to most travelers, " tourist" China is intertwined with the country's  history.  It is little wonder that most travel is aimed at exploring the best monuments, palaces, and tombs representing China's long and important history.

Clicking on any hyperlinked name will display pictures and some additional information about the destinations presented below.

  • Beijing  
    • A trip to China would not be complete without a tour of Beijing's attractions. Beijing has long been the Capital of China and offers a number of world-class palaces, monuments, and mausoleums for the tourist's inspection.   Be sure the see the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Ming Tombs and 
      • The Great Wall of China
        • Built as a defensive wall, construction started between two and four hundred years B.C. When finished, the Great Wall guarded approximately four thousand miles of border.  Although many sections of the wall have fallen into decay, there are numerous locations where you can see the Great Wall at its best:  the most commonly visited Great Wall site is north of Beijing in Badaling.
  • Xi'An 
    • Xi"An was the capital city of China during numerous dynasties. Among its many attractions, Xi'An is, perhaps, best known for the Museum/Tomb of Emperor Qin and the world famous Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses.
      • Other places to see include Xi'An's Bell Tower, which was the start of the famous "Silk Road".  If you have time, see the ornate Tang Murals in the Shaanxi Museum of History.
  • Shanghai
    • Shanghai is a historically significant city that has been earmarked as the "new " Hong Kong.  In addition to numerous monuments and museums, Shanghai is a vibrant economic center, with great shopping , good food, and a mix of things to do  that are relatively unique in China.
      •  To the west of Shanghai is the Suzhou, a city known for the Lingering Gardens, one of the most famous gardens in China
  • Hong Kongᅠ (Click for our Hong Kong Guide)
    • Hong Kong is a must see city.  It offers a spectacular setting, an upbeat mood, and an "electricity in the air" that cannot be found anywhere else in China.  Be sure to see Victoria Peak, ride the Star Ferry, tour Nathan Road, visit Repulse Bay, discover Stanley, and shop at the Temple Street Night Market. Due to its unique status as a Special Administrative Region of China, we have created Hong Kong Travel Information page outlining entry requirements and other information of value to travelers.  In addition, we have provided a second page that provides detailed geographic information on Hong Kong.
  • Chengdu
    • Historic site of many beautiful palaces, temples and tombs, Chengdu is a pleasant stop on any China tour.  Many travelers are attracted here by Panda City, a national center for research related to the protection of the Panda Bear.
      • If you are traveling by train, note that the train station in Chengdu is a notorious den for pickpockets, who are reputed to operate with police protection. (Always wear a money belt while traveling.)
  • The Three Gorges
    • Much of China's history is linked with the Yangtze River and the role it has played in the development of the country. The area known at the Three Gorges is comprised of magnificent valleys cut in the areas' imposing limestone cliffs. The striking views are disappearing as a result of the Three Gorges Dam Power Generation Project.
      • The Three Gorges Dam is scheduled to be completed in 2009  and the Chinese government claims that the area will be better than ever when the project is done, due to access to new areas that could not be visited at the lower water level of the past.
      • If you are interested in visiting the Three Gorges, you will need to take a river cruise to do so.  Make the trip soon if you want to see this breathtaking landscape, as the waters are now rising rapidly.  Many would claim that the best views in the area are already submerged.
  • Guilin
    • Guilin is one of the most beautiful and exotic areas of China. The Karst topography provides unusual and attractive landscapes.  If you  have time, take a Li River cruise.
  • Nanjing
    • Nanjing has many attractions of significance but most travelers stop here to see the spectacular, thousand year old Confucian Temple.  In addition, be sure to see the Linggu Temple and The Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum.  The Ming is one of the largest imperial tombs in China.
  • Tibet
    • Since 1959, Tibet has been administered by China as the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)
    •  Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, sits in a beautiful mountain valley and the city is topped by the world famous Potola Palace. Many important temples and monasteries are in or near Lhasa and the city is a beautiful place to visit.  Be sure to inspect the wares at Barkor Street while on your way to the Jokhang Temple, regarded as the holiest of Tibetan temples.

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