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Top visited travel sites in  Russia:

Maintaining its own identity as it straddles the cultures of Europe and the Far East, Russia has always been a conglomeration of times zones, climates and cultures.

Even the two major tourist centers, Moscow and St. Petersburg, are a contrast in city dynamics - with the capital more Asiatic in feel and temperament, and St. Petersburg a more carefully laid-out European metropolis.

No longer a Soviet republic, Russia has all but abandoned most travel restrictions - leaving ample opportunity for exploring the country in its entirety including resorts along the Black Sea coast and the Altai and Caucasus mountains.

On the Web, discover more about Russia and its people at top sites offering helpful guides to hotel & restaurant, as well as major and off-the-beaten path attractions, facts and travel tips, photo galleries and virtual tours ....

Journey to Moscow - The most elegant and comprehensive guide to the capital city with in-depth coverage of major attractions with suggested itineraries, restaurants & bars, overviews of the Moscow metro, taxis, buses & trams, practical travel & safety tips.

Moscow Travel Information - Lonely Planet - Expert insider information on where to go and what to do with focus on suggested shopping, hotels & restaurants, maps, photo gallery, helpful contact information for tourists.

Saint-Petersburg.com - Extensive information on major and nearby attractions including a virtual tour, video clips, photo gallery and interactive 360° panoramas, searchable database of top hotels, restaurants and bars, shopping guides, busy online forum, related links.

Black Sea : Maps, Resorts, Beaches, Sightseeing - Like it says, with a photo-rich guide offering a virtual tour up and down the coast.

Russia is a country with beautiful landscape, dramatic, historic architecture, and great resources. It is, today, a country that is not attractive to many tourists for a variety of reasons. We have placed Russia in the "Add-on" travel category because we believe that the tourist should limit the extent of their travel in Russia. We suggest visiting Moscow, St. Petersburg, or cruising the rivers, waterways, and canals between the two for a wonderful vacation experience. The rest of Russia remains an elusive quarry for the casual traveler.

Russia is a vast and diverse nation that continues to evolve politically and economically. Travel and living conditions in Russia contrast sharply with those in the United States. Major urban centers show tremendous differences in economic development compared to rural areas.
While good tourist facilities exist in Moscow, St. Petersburg and some other large cities, they are not developed in most of Russia and some of the goods and services taken for granted in other countries are not yet available.
ThereArePlaces recommends that you visit Russia only as part of a tour that has been arranged through a reputable service. Russia is not a tourist friendly country, as reading this document will show. Limit your touring to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Although Russia is a country of glorious landscapes and unique culture, it does not provide a travel environment that makes tourism either easy or enjoyable.
The team at ThereArePlaces has developed a proprietary method for evaluating the attractiveness of towns and regions as tourist destinations. We used this methodology to create our list of the best places to visit in Russia. We believe that the cities and regions described below are the country’s key tourist destinations, contain Russia's best attractions and urge you to visit them during your travels in Russia.
Read our sections on Russia
Travel Information and Russia Facts to complete your basic preparation for vacationing in Russia.


On Arbatskaya, the main pedestrian street in Moscow, the red flag is a tourist commodity worthy of currency, along with other Lenin memorabilia and former soviet uniforms, Russian dolls, tin-badges and revolution-era cameras.

  • Moscow Life:
    An excellent collection of articles. from Andrey Sebrant.
  • Russia Tourism
    • East Russia Travel:
      This site has been designed to educate, inform and promote Eco, cultural and other tourism opportunities in Eastern Russia.
    • New Russia:
      Official Site of the Russian National Tourist Office. This is a beautifully presented site, and very easy to navigate; who needs frames? There is an enlightening history section, and of course the mythical Trans Siberian Railway routes.
  • our life or simply ask where the toilets are.
  • St. Petersburg
    • Russian Folk Show:
      Enjoy an exotic Russian folk show in the former Ballroom of the Nikolayevsky Palace. Featuring the best folk companies in St. Petersburg with delicious Russian appetisers served in the intermission.
    • St. Petersburg:
      A virtual tour of Russia's jewel in the crown. Sit back and enjoy as you learn more about the sights.
    • St. Petersburg Guide:
      Aims to be the best on the web -- don't we all -- for information about the one time Leningrad.
    • St Petersburg Hostel:
      More Youth Hostels are appearing as budget travel takes off -- when we first went to Russia, you had to pre-book your itinerary through Intourist to receive vouchers for dollar hungry hotels.
    • The State Hermitage Museum:
      The State Hermitage occupies six magnificent buildings situated along the embankment of the River Neva, right in the heart of St. Petersburg. The Hermitage collections of works of art (over 3,000,000 items) present the development of the world culture and art from the Stone Age to the 20th century.
    • Where Russia:
      Moscow and St Petersburg are two different cities. Get a feel for these Russian cities by reading the articles at Where Russia.
  • , Hotel Name.
  • Pulkovo/Rossiya

    Passengers travelling through St. Petersburg, on Rossiya flights, get a free hotel stay if their connecting flight is the following day or they have more than a six hour wait.

    • Pulkovo Airport:
      Pulkovo airport has two air terminals: Pulkovo-1-- for domestic, CIS and charter flights and Pulkovo-2 for international flights.
    • Pulkovo Airport Transfers:
      As well as arranging accommodation for visitors to St. Petersburg, Gopetersburg now offer airport transfers for €25 (1-2 people) as compared to the €40-60 normally charged by taxis at the airport. It's a good idea to book your airport taxi in advance.
      5% discount to Travel Notes members.
    • Park Inn Pulkovskaya Hotel:
      The hotel is situated close to the Moskovskaya metro station, in one of the most beautiful St. Petersburg districts. Only 10 minutes, free shuttles can also whisk you into the city within 20 minutes. The hotel is especially convenient for guests planning to visit the famous royal estates: Peterhof, Pushkin, Pavlovsk and the residence of the Russian President - Constantinovsky Palace.
    • Rossiya Airlines:
      The regional airline of St Petersburg operates charter flights to some 86 cities abroad and 35 cities within Russia.
  • The Urals
  • The Ural Mountains are stuffed with gems and precious stones. You can buy fantastic handmade jewellery and souvenirs in Ekaterinberg: malachite, garnet, turquoise and jasper made into colourful, sparkling rings, necklaces, key chains and jewellery boxes.


    • About Ekaterinburg:
      Ekaterinburg is the third largest Russian city, administrative centre of Sverdlovsk oblast and the capital of the Urals.
    • Ekaterinburg History:
      Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg), the capital city of the Urals, was founded in 1723 by Tzar Peter the Great (and named after his wife, Catherine). The city witnessed the death of monarchy in Russia, as it was in Ekaterinburg that the last Russian czar Nicholas II with his family was assassinated, in Ipatiev house by the Bolsheviks on July 16, 1918.
  • When Josef Stalin ruled the Soviet Union, Ekaterinburg became the largest passing point for the so called political criminals, who were sent to develop the lands of Siberia and the Far East; the inhuman work was another name for a death sentence.
    • Forsage-plus: (Incoming Tourism)
      There are many outstanding historical monuments in the area. We suggest that you take a one-day tour to Verkhoturje - a truly amazing village not far from Ekaterinburg, where you can see the most beautiful churches in Russia and listen to stunning legends about the famous ancient monastery.
    • Ural Airlines:
      Located at Sputnikov str., 6 in Ekaterinburg.
      Tel: +7 /3432/ 242-850, 266-789
      Fax: +7 /3432/ 266-416
      Information phone +7 /3432/ 268-845.
    • US Consulate in Ekaterinburg:
      American visitors to Russia can find out about citizen services and the region; Russian travellers to America can learn about visa services; U.S. businessmen can access reports on trade and investment, and Russian students and journalists can read the latest U.S. policy statements on events around the world.
  • Cruising To Russia
    • 1800-Cruises.com:
      Enjoy a cruise of Russia, the Baltic States and Scandinavia
  • Wild Russia
    • Visit Siberia:
      Located in Tomsk, the geographical centre of Russia, Visit Siberia is an authorised company possessing a license for Russian visa support, hotel reservations and air ticketing. They also have contacts with travel companies in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Irkutsk and Vladivostok.

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