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Sweden sightseeing


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Stockholm Attractions & Sightseeing – You are in for a treat when you are sightseeing in Stockholm. There are many beautiful palaces for you to admire. There are great museums and theatres, too. Be sure to see the ten attractions we have listed below. You can go online for more information and to confirm current opening hours and admission charges.

Be sure to see the Drotting holm Palace and Theatre while you’re in Stockholm. Then you’ll definitely want to go and admire the wonderful Royal Palace also. Take your camera to capture some pictures of the magical buildings. Fit in a trip to Haga Park. There are lots of things to do on an outing to this Park.

You’ll enjoy so much of Stockholm. Have fun as you take in all the sights it has to offer.

Top Attractions in Sweden


Lapland is regarded as the largest intact wilderness in Europe covering a quarter of the total area of Sweden yet with only 5% of the population. Lapland is probably best known as the home of Santa Claus, indeed a visit to Santa World at Mora in Dalarna is what most children dream of. Lapland is both an inviting as well as a magical and unusual place. There are plenty of outside adventures to be had - climb Sweden's highest peak, Kebnekaise; walk in the national parks of Sarek and Padjelanta; or try cross-country dog-sledding, snow-mobiling and skiing. Stay in the Ice Hotel at Jukksjä?rvi, a very unusual experience!

Skokloster Slott Castle

Skokloster Slott Castle is a magnificent 17th-century castle as well as being one of the most fascinating baroque museums in Europe. It is renowned for its unusual interiors as well as its vast collections of paintings, furniture, applied art, tapestries, arms and books. The castle also houses a restaurant, conference facilities and an automobile museum.

Drottningholm Palace and Theatre
Ekerö?, Drottningholm
Stockholm, Sweden
See the magnificent Drottingholm Palace and Theatre when you’re in Stockholm.

Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet)
Kungliga Husgeradskammaren
Stockholm, Sweden
See the largest castle in all the world is the Royal Palace. It is the Royal Palace and it’s beautiful.

Haga Park
Stockholm, Sweden
Haga Park is a great place to go for a walk or shopping or seeing museums. Make a day out of visiting it

The Viking Town of Birka

Birka is situated on a lush island in Lake Mä?laren, about 18 miles from Stockholm. It was a major port over 1,200 years ago. A new museum houses finds from extensive excavations around the site. Visit the museum and see how the Vikings lived.

Kaknä?stornet (Kaknä?s Television Tower)
Stockholm, Sweden
The Kaknä?stornet (Kaknä?s Television Tower) is a place where you can get some great pictures of Stockholm. Climb to the top and din. It’s the tallest structure in Scandanavia.

Galä?rvarvet, Djurgå?rden, Box 27 131
Stockholm, Sweden
The Vasamuseet is a great museum that you’ll want to see while you’re in Stockholm.

The Hanseatic town of Visby

A former Viking site on the island of Gotland, Visby was the main centre of the Hanseatic League of the Baltic from the 12th to the 14th century. Its 13th-century ramparts and more than 200 warehouses and trading establishments from the same period make it the best preserved fortified commercial city in Northern Europe.

Gripsholm Castle

Gripsholm Castle is located in the small town of Mariested on Lake Maaleren outside Stockholm. A stunning renaissance castle, it was first built in 1540. The castle contains exceptional Renaissance interiors as well as a theatre and the world's oldest and largest portrait collections.

Djurgå?rdsslä?tten 49-51
Stockholm, Sweden
The Skansen is another place to visit to see historical buildings of Stockholm.

Gamla stan
Gamla Stan
Stockholm, Sweden
The Gamla stan is another place to go to see great architecture in Stockholm.

Stockholm, Sweden
46 8 5605 1445
The Birka is where you can go to learn all about Vikings.

Sareks National Park

The enchanted landscape of Sareks National Park plays hosts to over 100 glaciers as well as mountains reaching over 2,000m. It should only be experienced with the help of a guide unless you’re an expert in outdoor survival. The best views are over the lake and delta of Laiture on the Rapa ä?lv, near the eastern edge of the park.


Ö?land is a tiny island boasting many ruins, fortifications and nearly 400 windmills! The biggest Iron-Age ring fort on the island, Grå?borg - with a diameter of 200m - is an incredible sight. Nearby, Eketorp has been partly reconstructed as a museum to show what a fortified medieval village must have looked like. Equally impressive are the ruins of Borgholm Castle which was eventually burned and abandoned early in the 18th century. Also prominent are the lighthouses at the northern and southern tips of the island. Ö?land is reached from Kalmar via a 6000m bridge - the longest in Europe. Ö?land is a popular place to celebrate Midsummer.

Gamla Stan, Stortorget 1
PO Box 2122
Stockholm, Sweden
The Storkykan is a beautiful church you should visit while you’re in Stockholm.

Humlegå?rdens parklek
Karlavä?gen 32
Stockholm, Sweden
The Humlegå?rdens parklek is a another wonderful park in Stockholm that you can have a relaxing afternoon at.

Old Uppsala

Located just outside modern day Uppsala, Old Uppsala is regarded as the most important prehistoric monument in Sweden and the cradle of Swedish civilization. The three "Kungshö?garna" or royal mounds are situated on a ridge and can be seen from miles away. There is a cairn in the centre of each mound where the actual grave was situated. The dead king was burned on a funeral pyre together with his grave gifts which generally included jewellery and gold. There is information provided nearby in numerous languages in addition to an exhibition. A fascinating site, there is plenty of interpretive material on site to guide you through the long and interesting history of the area.

The Kingdom of Crystal

The Kingdom of crystal is located in the province of Små?land, in southeastern Sweden. Many of the world’s most famous glassworks can be found here. The Kingdom of Crystal came into existence when the first batch of glass was melted at Kosta in 1742. Kosta is now the oldest glasswork in Sweden and is still making handmade glass. In the Glasshouse see the glass-workers work in front of the furnaces. This trip is a must, especially if you are looking for bargains in crystal treasures.




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