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Aahtri Zoo, The

Location: Jyväskylä Area

Attraction Type: Finland Family Attractions

Ähtäri Zoo was established in 1973, and this natural wildlife park is the first of its kind in Finland. An elk named Kö?pi was the first animal to arrive at Ä?htä?ri Zoo. Wolves and lynx arrived a few years later. Nevertheless, the most famous residents...

Alvar aalto Museum, The

Location: Jyväskylä Area Attraction Type: Finland Art & Design Sights

The Alvar Aalto Museum, a special museum of architecture and design, was founded in 1966. It is housed in a building designed by architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) and completed in 1973. The museum has also been in charge of the Muuratsalo Experimenta...

Temppeliaukion, the Church of the Rock:

In the late 1960’s two architect brothers designed a church that is built into solid rock. Since then the church has become one of Helsinki’s most famous tourist stops. Complementing the stone walls made from a hole in the granite is a metallic dome ceiling that houses over 180 pieces of glass. The glass is used for brightening the church by the use if natural light. With superb acoustics, the church also serves as a great place for musical events

Senaatintori , The Senate Square:

Sitting in the center of Helsinki is the Senaatintori or the Senate Square. The Square houses the palace of the Senate, as well as the main building of the University of Helsinki, both of which were designed by famed architect Carl L. Engel. The center of the square has a statue of the Emperor Alexander II. The square’s neo-classical design makes it one of the most attractive squares in the European continent.

Central Finland Aviation Museum / Finnish Air Force Museum

Location: Jyväskylä Area Attraction Type: Other Attractions

Central Finland Aviation Museum shows finnish aviation history from its beginning to the present days. The basic exhibition consists mainly of aircraft which have been used by the Finnish Air Force, their engines and aircrew equipment. The Air Force ...

Tuomiokirkko, The Helsinki Cathedral:

Also located near Senate square is one of Helsinki’s greatest piece of architectural design, the Helsinki Cathedral. Designed by Engel, the neoclassical styled Cathedral was built between 1830 and the early 1850’s. The church which seats up to 1300 has zinc statues of the apostles on the roof. These statues are the biggest zinc statues in the world.

Soumenlinna, The 18th Century Sea Fortress:

Built in the 1740’s to secure Helsinki against the type of Russian attacks that had plagued the development of the city, the fortress called Suomenlinna was constructed on a group of six islands outside the city’s harbor. The sea fortress once known as “The Gibraltar of the North” is one of the largest in the world. Today Suomenlinna houses museums, parks, gardens, cafes and assorted restaurants.

Craft Museum of Finland and the national Costume Centre

Location: Jyväskylä Area Attraction Type: Finnish Museums

The Craft Museum of Finland is a specialized museum for handicraft covering entire Finland, a place where skills and people meet as well as an interesting destination for visitors. The museum covers all techniques of handicraft.

Ateneum Art Museum and National Museum:

Finland is the home of more museums per capita than any other place in the world. Over five million visitors a year pass through the country’s many museums. Two of the top museums for visitors to see are the Ateneum Art Museum and National Museum. The Ateneum Art Museum houses perhaps the finest collection of Finnish art in the country. This museum is located near the Senate Square. Also located in the central part of the city is the National Museum. This museum holds a vast collection of Finnish pre-historic artifacts.

Hame Castle:

Built towards the end of the 13th century, this medieval castle is surrounded by a moat and a lake. The castle was later converted into a prison in the late1830’s. Hame castle remained a prison until the early 1970’s, but towards the later part of the 1980’s it was restored into a present day historical monument. The castle is now the host of a historical exhibit and houses a restaurant and summer café.

G.A. Serlachius, Museum, The

Location: Jyväskylä Area Attraction Type: Finnish Museums

G.A. Serlachius Museum puts visitors literally in touch with the history of industrialism in Finland. You can learn about history e.g. by turning handles, by standing on switches and listening talking figures.

Galleria Harmonia

Location: Jyväskylä Area Attraction Type: Other Attractions

Galleria Harmonia is an art gallery, which is situated in an old building (built in 1910) just in the opposite of the travel center. It is a place, where you can see interesting Finnish and international contemporary printmaking and photography.

Linnanmäki, Amusement park:

Linnanmäki, the oldest amusement park in Finland, is known for its many rides. The park is home to 37 different rides, a play castle, museum, assorted traditional amusement park games, and an arcade. Among the most popular rides is the Vuoristorata or Mountain Rail. Due to the park’s location on a hill, this ride gives visitors a good aerial view of the city. Linnanmä?ki amusement park attracts over a million visitors annually.

Korkeasaari , The Helsinki Zoo:

The Zoo in Helsinki attracts over half a million visitors each year, and houses animals from the nearby frozen tundra of the artic to the far off tropic rain forests. Built in the 1950’s, the park is one of the oldest in the world and its home to over 200 different species of animals. In addition, it is home a thousand different species of plant life. The Helsinki zoo is known for its extensive work in protecting endangered species. Here you will find such rare zoo creatures as the artic fox and the snowy owl. The zoo is located in a cove near the center of the city, and is accessible by a fifteen minute ride on a ferry.

aaJysky Art Museum

Location: Jyvä?skylä? Area Attraction Type: Finland Art & Design Sights

The Jyvä?skylä? Art Museum, located in two venues, called Holvi and Suoja, offers a variety of cultural experiences and activities. Holvi displays the unique collection of the Association of Finnish Printmakers, as well as art from the collections

Museum of Central Finland, The

Location: Jyväskylä Area Attraction Type: Finnish Museums

The Studio Home of the Heiska Family The studio home (1912) of a family of the artists Jonas, Maikki and Vappu Heiska, in the Ä?lylä? district that grew up around the Jyvä?skylä? Teachers’ Training College. Information Open Wed 1 pm - 5 pm to in...

Finlandia Hall:

Designed by Alvar Aalto in the early 1960’s and completed in 1975 with the addition of the Congress Wing, Finlandia Hall is an internationally known concert and congressional hall. In his design of the Hall, Alto not only created a functional building but a decorative one as well. Finlandia Hall’s inclined roof design helps improve the acoustics of the concert hall. The Hall is host to many musical events throughout the year, including those of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Olympic Stadium:

Built for the Olympic Games of 1940 which were canceled do to World War II, the Olympic Stadium did not get to host the Olympic Festival until 1952. The Stadium’s design includes a soaring tower that was later imitated by other stadiums designed for the Games. The tower which is over 225 feet high has an observation deck. The Olympic Stadium hosted the first Championships of Track and Field and will do so again in 2005.

These are only a few of the tourist attractions that Helsinki holds. The moderate size city also has other gardens, parks, museums, market places and squares which make it an exciting, diverse and interesting place to visit or schedule a vacation to.




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